Founded in 1991, the Andover Fund for Education (AFE) promotes educational excellence in the public schools of Andover, Massachusetts by supporting teacher innovation in the classroom, recognizing outstanding student achievement, and encouraging community involvement in public education. AFE acknowledges and addresses the ongoing challenge of achieving excellence in our schools in an era of limited financial resources. Through our direct-to-teacher mini-grants, we encourage instructional innovation and far-reaching vision. Our student awards and scholarships recognize students at Andover High School who have demonstrated strength of character and spirit, intellectual curiosity, and scholastic achievement. Through outreach initatives such as our Annual Community Spelling Bee, we expand Andover’s engagement with its school system.  

AFE is an independent, 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization.

Grants to Innovative Educators

Twice a year, AFE awards innovation mini-grants to local educators for new and creative projects designed to reinforce and supplement the core curriculum of the Andover Public Schools. Through its direct-to-teacher grants, AFE encourages instructional innovation that enriches the curriculum, inspires students and staff, and expands the community’s involvement in public education.

NOTE: AFE is currently reviewing its mission and programs, so no grant applications will be accepted for the Fall 2014 grant cycle. Please check back for updates!

Grantees seeking reimbursement for completed projects should mail their paperwork to Andover Fund for Education, 36 Bartlet Street, Andover, MA 01810. Questions about grants and other AFE programs may be e-mailed to andoverfund4education@gmail.com. 

For more information about our grants, please click here.

Student Awards and Scholarships

AFE’s annual Fred Fitzgerald Award is given to an Andover High School senior whose behavior exemplifies honor and principle, whose mind is characterized by intellectual curiosity and excellence in scholarship, and whose conduct is respectful of our world.

AFE’s annual Barbara Neal Spirit Award is given to an Andover High School junior who exhibits an unfailingly positive attitude and who is hard-working, respectful, selfless, and accountable.  

Community Outreach Initiatives  

In addition to administering its grants program, AFE works to deepen the Andover community’s connection with the public schools through a variety of outreach initiatives. The Annual Community Spelling Bee  has become a beloved local tradition and draws a large and enthusiastic crowd. The adult spelling bee brings together students, parents, teachers, administrators, local government officials, and a variety of community organizations for an evening of entertainment and friendly competition. AFE’s Honor a Teacher initiative allows residents to thank an outstanding Andover Public School educator by making a personalized contribution to AFE in that teacher’s honor. The teacher receives a congratulatory message from AFE indicating the name of the contributor and sharing a personal message. All proceeds from the Bee and the Honor a Teacher program are used to fund future AFE grants. 

Endowment Fund 

In order to sustain and expand its efforts on behalf of the public schools, AFE works to grow its endowment fund by inviting contributions from individuals, organizations, and corporations.